If you want to record one of my songs please request a mechanical license.


The Steps to salvation are very simple.

1. acknowledge that you are a sinner

2. repent of your sins

3. confess your sins to God

4. Forsake your sins

5. Believe in God

6. Accept Jesus

Heavenly father I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I repent and confess my sins to you. I am willing to forsake my sins. I believe that you sent your son, Jesus to die on the cross for my sins, that he rose on the third day and is coming back soon. I believe in my heart and confess that Jesus is my savior. Thank you for saving me.

Reverend Robert L Johnson posted on Thu April 20, 2006

Greetings in the of Jesus,

Once again I have to let you know that I deeply appreciate your songs of Praise and Worship. Yes indeed I would like to join forces with your Ministry and help "Lift the Savior Up". "Each one reach one", and we might all make it to the other side". I faithfully await the arrival of the music track.

Your Brother in Christ,

Reverend Robert L.. Johnson

Associate Minister/Fruit of the Spirit Missionary Baptist Church/Norfolk, VA

[It aint about me, it's about HE that sent me]


Reverend Robert L Johnson

Reverend Robert L Johnson posted on Mon April 17, 2006

God Bless My Sister,

I really appreciate your Music Ministry. If you ever consider allowing use of "God Wants to Be Loved" let me know. It would be an honor to record a version of it for you. Let's keep lifting the Savior up.

Your Brother in Christ,

Reverend Robert L.. Johnson

Norfolk, VA


Reverend Robert L Johnson

godzgirl7 posted on Sat April 15, 2006

Hi Yvonne, precious sister...every song you make is excellent. Love "I crown you".

Thank you so much for the prayer!!! I love you so much.

God bless you,



Diane Barnes

Shyrita Washington posted on Thu April 13, 2006

Praise the Lord Sista Yvonne! Wow! not many times will someone offer to be an intercessor for another person on the internet. God is going to do mighty things through you! I have just released my debut album "Only Believe," and I am on my first tour! I really need the prayers of the saints as I go out to compell men to come unto Christ. Thank you so very much for your warm and loving words of encouragement. My spirit leaped for joy!

Tim Jacobi-Shout120 (Rating: 10)

"Love the Bluesy, Gritty Feel of "I Learned to Rest" My head was bobbing all the way through it. Keep it up!!!"

Wilma t blunt (Rating: 10)

"Yvonne is going places with her music,she writes true music about God."

Neal Cowan (Rating: 10)

"God Bless. You have a very good song. I speaks to me. Kudzu dad."

Rebecca Carpenter (Rating: 10)

"Yvonne-I really, really, really like your style- voice, sax, words, melody, everything! Thank you so much for using your gifts for God's glory

Shelly Wilson (Rating: 10)

"Your songs brought into worship. They were beautiful and made my heart soar for the Lord. Bless You!"

Brandon Hixson (Rating: 10)

"I love your music!!!! I give it a 10! Brandon Hixson (Godfueled)"

Bob Richard\\\'s (Rating: 10)

"Great song."

Becky Wright (Rating: 10)

"Yvonne, what anointed talent!! I could listen to you all day! What a blessing! Your "IH Sister" (and sister in the Lord), Becky Wright"

Leslie McPhan (Rating: 10)

"Awesome in the Lord....."

Barbara Evans (Rating: 10)

"Your music and words are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your blessings."

Jean Xoubi (Rating: 10)

"Good Job. Yvonne"

Atiya Sultana (Rating: 10)

"The song is great."

Byron clayton (Rating: 10)

"only god know best for her family an friends i wish you well an keep up the lord the song is great."

Kenneth fristoe (Rating: 10)

""You can feel the presence of God in her songs. They will lift you to another level!""

Bea Brown (Rating: 10)

"Very good. I enjoyed listening to every word."

Raquel Ramirez (Rating: 10)

"Wondreful this son encourage me to continue beleiving in Jesus."

Demetria Smith (Rating: 10)

"Wonderfully done Yvonne....keep writing for the Lord. Be encouraged in Him and know that He will bring you out a winner every time....."


"Yvonne I love your songs keep on writing for God."

Chandra Hildreth (Rating: 10)

"This song has a nice southern beat, it reminds me of being back home in alabama"

Jacqueline Akins (Rating: 10)


Rachel Pleasant (Rating: 10)

"Nice tune"

Pamela Lucas (Rating: 10)

"Just remember the promise! What a blessing this song is so uplifting and encouraging. May God continue to bless you as you allow the Lord to lead you. A powerful and anointed songwriter sent by God. God bless you Mrs. Perkins."

Olivia Orr (Rating: 10)

"God Bless YOU keep up the Praise we will see you again"

Mary Johnson (Rating: 10)

"Mary Johnson, Let GOD use you, GOD Bless !"

Sharon Ashford (Rating: 10)

"Ms. Perkins songs are inspiring and encouraging. I can't wait to hear more from this anointed songwriter!"

T Barron (Rating: 10)

Willie Styles (Rating: 10)

"She's great can really sing the essence of soul"

Yolanda anderson (Rating: 10)

"go head and blow Girl!!!!!!!!!!"

Nikki serrano (Rating: 10)

"you go girl!!!!!!"

Tecora Rogers (Rating: 10)

"I listened to Just Remember the Promise and it is a wonderful and moving gospel. Tecora Rogers"

Juanita Mccann (Rating: 10)

"keep up the good job with your music prasie God"

Lynn Stadel (Rating: 10)

"Just Remember the Promise is a wonderfully written song!!!!"

Loretha lott (Rating: 10)

"The song is truly a blessing for anyone who has the opportunity to listen to it. Came directly from the heart and it reaches the heart"

Dorlisa Walker (Rating: 10)

"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. Keep on writing those wonderful songs!"

Rachel Pleasant (Rating: 10)

"This is a fabulous song. I enjoyed listening."

Jacquelynn Saldana (Rating: 10)

"I love the rhythm."

J Weare (Rating: 10)

"Love the uptempo of "It Shall Not Always Be""

Juliet Hawkins (Rating: 10)

"Continue to allow God to use you for his glory. Glad we crossed paths in training class together. Call me if you need a singer to perform one of your selections."

Eric Biggins (Rating: 10)

"Keep on writing! God has blessed you with talent. I pray for his annointing to continue upon you."